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  1. This is a mixed question of .org and .com, so please excuse me if anyone thinks it is posted on the wrong forum.

    I know (or at least someone told me) that the same API key can be shared between blogs for the purpose of Askimet, and stat. Now, if i have a .com and a self-hosted wp blogs online at the same time, and use the same API key, how does the stat count ? The sum of both ? Like blog A got 5 hits, blog B got 3 hits, so at the end of the day the stat will jump +8 ? I think many of the volunteers here have more than one blogs, so probably you guys can answer my question.


  2. The stats are separate not combined; your .com API key is needed to activate the stats on the .org install, but then from either your .com dashboard or following the Global dashboard link in your .org dashboard, you'll be able to view both sets of stats.

    I don't really understand why .org forces you to use a .com API key for stats and Akisment, because I think it makes it unnecessarily confusing.

  3. You are 100% right that the stats will be recorded separately which is a good thing ;) In terms of registering here for an API key for the akismet and stats plugins, I think it is because every single blog or account gets one and since that is the majority of the users, this is the place to get it! It would be more confusing if every blogger had to go elsewhere to get the API :)


  4. thanks guys for the help.

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