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    My blog that I am still building is self hosted and I need an API key. Is it ok to use the API key for my wordpress.com account even though the blog is not hosted on wordpress.com? The reason I ask is that worpress.com wants to register the self hosted blog and I didn’t know if this might cause technical issues…



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for WordPress.com hosted blogs only. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog you need to seek help at the WordPress.org forums, not here.

    If you don’t understand the difference, you may find this information helpful.


    sambauers…I have the same problems. I want to install plugins on a self-hosted blog and some require an API key. It’s never clear on how to do this…does one begin an account on the .com wordpress and use that API key on the .org???

    I think mbdodds raised a valid question. I don’t see why it needs to be referred elsewhere…



    Sam – you are avoiding the issue – API keys are issued by wordpress.com NOT by wordpress.org

    I too have an issue with this – on my self hosted blog the wordpress.com issued passwords are no longer working to connect my WP-Stats wordpress.com login – they just stopped working for all my self-hosted blogs, but continue to work for my wordpress.com stats and login.

    NONE of the wordpress staff and developers from either side are responding to the now thousands of site owners who are making this same query about this same problem.

    The wordpress.com login details have stopped working for acquiring stats visibility on self-hosted blogs – what have WORDPRESS.COM done to break this function? Why did formerly working wordpress.com logins for the self-hosted stats plug-in suddenly no longer work on self-hosted blogs but continue to work on wordpress.com ???

    The stats are still collecting data and they can be viewed within wordpress.com after login here, but they have stopped working for self-hosted blogs and the login just refreshes with a “password incorrect” message – even when the same password has a concurrent login to wordpress.com

    So I ask again – what have you done to break things, and why will no member of staff address this issue?



    “now thousands of site owners”

    We are not aware of that many.

    Please send explicit details to the link at the bottom of this page.

    You cannot provide too much detail and “it’s broken” is of no use.




    By the way, Sam is a real person but the response you see above is automated. Many people do not supply information needed so the way we currently address that is with Sam’s reply above. It’s not personal :)



    Maybe he should have a different name. “Robot Sam” or something.


    For what you would think should be a very simple answer to provide us with, it all seems a bit much to get a straight answer. I really liked WordPress for it’s features and so on but i am going to source other blogging software to use on my self hosted solution!!




    I have the same problem. I have a self-hosted blog using WordPress and I need an API key for use with it. I also have some WordPress hosted blogs with a completely different username.

    Is it okay to use the API key of my WordPress hosted blog for my self-hosted blog? Or do I need to register with WordPress.com?

    To complicate matters, I use the same username for both blogs (self-hosted and wordpress-hosted). So, if I have to sign up with WordPress.com to get a new API key for my Self-hosted blog, I would have to use a different username, isn’t it?


    This is what I get…
    WordPress.com Stats
    Error from last API Key attempt:

    The owner of that API Key (xxxxxxxxxx) is not on the access list for this blog (xxxxxxx). To be added to the access list, you must contact support.

    The API key “xxxxxxxxxxx” belongs to the WordPress.com account of “pekingpumasblog”. If this is not your account, please re-enter your API key.


    @nmadubala, did you see this support document I got by searching for “API key?

    @pekingpumasblog, since most of the work here in the forum is done by volunteers, and volunteers know little about the stats plugin (we have it automatically) then my suggestion is to contact staff directly at http://support.wordpress.COM/contact/ . They will be able to help you get things sorted out.



    Is that really the answer from volunteering people or whoever???

    To be honest: It is actually a huge problem which you can see if you simply google it. It is okay to setup the whole API-thing like that if you prefer BUT

    1. not training your volunteers who are supposed to help with the most common questions (and I think that is one of them)
    2. and only arguing where this thread belongs (wp.com or wp.org)

    doesn’t really help nor does it solve the point.

    If you were a business I would now call your boss because of bad customer service. Why isn’t it possible to simply post a link to where a self-hosted blog can be added to the wordpress.com account that provides the user with the API-key. I think this is the question. Is it so hard to answer it???

    Greetings from a slightly upset




    Please accept this offer of a full refund.




    Can I use Akismet for my own blog or site that resides outside WordPress.com but using the API key from WP.com?

    Yes! That’s the point. Download the plugin and start relaxing.

    Not sure how else we can say it.


    What part of RTFM don’t these people get? Even when I ask a question in the forum, I almost always find the answer in the provided documentation soon after, and feel like a fool for not having found it before I asked my question. Why do they keep asking the question when they are told that they are in the wrong forum? The volunteers put up with a lot, they deserve beer (or beverage of choice) every Friday.


    To get the api key I just registered with wordpress.org Once you start to sign up they offer either a free blog or just a user name. I just signed up for the user name. Once that is completed your dashboard(from wordpress not yourself hosted blog) should pop up. If it doesn’t log in with the username and password you just entered. Once you get to the dashboard click on your name in the upper right hand corner where it says Hello,(your username). Once you click on that the next screen will pop up and then it will tell you your api. Take this API and then place it in your self hosted blog and you should be good to go.


    A correction to ilianaconnect’s first sentence: “To get the api key I just registered with wordpress.COM…”



    Thanks, illianaconnect; that was a huge help.



    thanks illianaconnect, your the man. :)

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