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API key support with no blog

  1. One can create an account on with:

    "Just a username, please."

    But when attempting to contact support through:

    for problems with using their API key they get this:

    "We only provide support for blogs here. Please go to the Support Forum for further help."

    Then one must ask what the point is? Considering we cannot help them on when the API key simply fails to work.

    For more, please see:

  2. For those that don't know, Kafka is a moderator over at the .org fora and is posting this here on behalf of all Akismet users who are failing to get their key.

    Apart from "sending feedback" or using "contact support" is there another method that .org users can use to sort their Akismet problems?

  3. If I'm sending them elsewhere then they are not being clear about what they need.
    If their key fails to work then that is covered in some detail in the Akismet faq and I hsve posted here the slightly longer version.

    But I do answer all akismet questions but I need to be sure that I what is being asked. I get some odd things come through the email.

  4. Mark

    What Kafka means is that the wording on the contact page makes no mention of accepting emails about Akismet. Perhaps you could modify the wording slightly to make it clearer?

    I imagine you do get some odd stuff coming through judging by some of the stuff we get in the fora!


  5. If I'm sending them elsewhere then they are not being clear about what they need.

    We have folks here in the forums who are sending them over to the site. I tried to correct the threads but by then it's usually too late.

  6. @drmike
    I noted your correction and haven't fluffed up since. :) If I notice someone else re-directing I can clarify.

  7. The odd things get around, for sure.

    Wanted to note at least for the individual I posted for here (see support link above), it appears the issue has been resolved. Cheers!

  8. YAY! Thanks for coming back and updating us. :)

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