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API key validity

  1. Hi!

    I get my API-key 2006, 22nd setember and works fine, but today my aksimet plugin tells me, that the key is not valid. OK, I log in here to check, if were here some change, but the key in my account was the same as was september 22nd.

    Can sombody tell me, how long is the API-key valid? Every two months and some days I must create a new acount here to get a new and valid key? Or is here another way to get a valid key?


  2. This has been fixed.

    Please try again.

  3. My API key is also showing invalid today as well. As recently as about two minutes ago.

  4. no change... isn't there problem with aksimet?

  5. gamingnext - your webhost has not upgraded their server at all?

  6. Sadly, I'm in the same boat as gamingnext and slowakia.

  7. In your blog, see if Akismet is still catching the spam.
    Please check carefully - clear the queued stuff.

    Then check the key which may still say invalid - but see if spam is caught.

    I think Akismet is still working.

  8. I have the same problem (key invalid) but at the same time I'm getting no new spam messages either, not on my blog and not in the akismet spam list.

  9. Same problem here. I registered here a few months ago without an API key, so I reregistered just a few minutes ago and got an API key, but when I put it into my blog it still shows up as an invalid key and the key that was in the field goes away.

    I have tried typing it in manually as suggested in another thread but to no avail.

  10. Same problem here!

  11. OK, aksimet is now catching the spam, but some hours ago doesn't working well. The message about invalid key is still present.

    Can You tell, what causes this problem? I'm using WP 2.0.2 with the latest aksimet.

    I'm otherwise fully satisfied with WP!

  12. I'm having the same problem. I've had one of my blogs for 7 months and it says the key is invalid but is still catching spam.

    A blog I just started yesterday though will not accept my API key, and says it's invalid. It of course is not catching any spam. Someone please fix this!

  13. We are having the same problem on multiple blogs, multiple servers as well. Our enterprise key is invalid as well as all of our employees personal key's on their own blogs.

  14. It's back up for us.

  15. back up for me too, it seems.

  16. @451press and csburdick
    *lol* most folks say "thanks" when things are fixed *lol*

  17. Definitely working again. Thanks ;)

  18. I´m trying to make Askimet work in my blog, but my API Key doesn´t seem to work... Is it coz I'm using WordPress in spanish??? Help please!!!

  19. New account, new off-site blog...

    "Your key appears invalid. Double-check it."

    Given the history on this thread, I'm hoping it will fix itself if I try again in an hour or two.

  20. Have you sent a feedback to staff or an email?

  21. timethief - Thanks, I guess I should try that. I haven't paid for any support or anything, so I didn't want to bug anyone - I was just wondering if anyone else was seeing what I was seeing.

  22. You've only been a member for an hour - don't worry - you're going to love We all blog here free of charge and do not pay for support. The bloggers like myself who respond to your questions are all unpaid volunteers. We do not have backend access and when we can't help then we tell bloggers to contact paid staff via feedback or via email support at wordpress dot com. It seems to me that you need staff to help you with this kind of a problem. The feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any of your blog pages and you should include a link back to this thread. But if it so happens that you are self hosting a blog then you are in the wrong forum and should be over here

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