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    Hi Everyone,

    I signed up for my WordPress.com account about a year and a half ago. Suffice to say, that automatic initial e-mail containing my API key has been long deleted. I don’t know what to do and how to find out my API Key now. I’ve tried miscellaneous things I’ve looked through online. Someone please help me out!



    Yes, you proceed to the support documentation search box and type in “API Keys” and VOILA! here you go http://en.support.wordpress.com/api-keys/
    Happy blogging!



    ~~TT – that link seems to show you how to do many things with your API key but not where to find the API key number – I just looked on my site and can’t seem to find the API key either – and I used the API key back when I had a .ORG install.


    Word. I just need to simply find it. I need it because I’m gonna do a .org install myself and will want to use the Stats plugin (alongside Analytics) just ’cause I’ve gotten so accustomed to it and it’s awesomeness.



    If you go to your profile (through the dashboard) there is something displayed on the top: “Were you looking for your API Key and other Personal Settings”. Thus WP eventually sends you to: http://akismet.com/wordpress/

    don’t know if that helps.


    That’s to obtain a new one though, right? I just need the original.



    Needless to say, I feel pretty stupid. Thank you! You’re a genius.



    Google works wonders ;)



    Go to http://akismet.com/wordpress/ and in the upper right hand corner click on “I have a key” then enter the email you used to get the original key – should be the same email as you used for your account here if you have had the account for a while – at any rate use the account email from here as a starter.

    I just got the reminder of my number so it does work.

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