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API key/user password problems, thread...

  1. I'm not sure if this is the proper thing to do, but..apparently from what this guy is saying, he can't login over here, because the passwords are not working..?

    The WordPress.ORG thread is here, from there down:

    Maybe someone from here can shed some light for the guy..? Thanks in advanced..


  2. @spencerp
    Thanks for caring enough to reach out on behalf of this blogger. It's good to know he has already sent an email into staff. Volunteers on our forum can't help him with this API and password problem. However, we can all be sure that staff will respond to his email. Will you convey this to him please?

  3. Only staff can deal with this issue. We have no control over API keys here in the forums. If it doesn't get resolved by tomorrow, I'll send in a feedback myself.

  4. Thank you both for your kind responses. =) I've added a link back to this thread, from the thread I posted above, so..hopefully things will work out for him then. ;) =)

    Thanks again for both of your kind responses. ;)


  5. Handy did fairly well in answering. Again, the person needs to contact staff. He says he tried to email 'WordPress' and that could mean anything. I think he is also trying to sign in using his info over here.

    Thorne, if you see this, you need to email support ( at ) wordpress ( dot ) com. Only method of getting this resolved. We really can't help you in the forums at either site since we're all volenteers and none of use have backend access.

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