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API Problem

  1. Why doesn't my totally valid API Key Work? I am trying to get it to work on the WordPress stats plug-in..



  2. Are you talking about the stats for your blog, or the stats plugin on a blog hosted elsewhere? Because we won't be able to help you with the latter.

    What exactly is the failure here? What notice are you getting?

  3. it is asking for the API Key, I give it and it does not take. The red stays highlighted:

    Does the stats plug in only work with the Word press hosted blog?

  4. No, hosted blogs do not use plugins at all; the stats features are built right in. I see that you have registered a blog which is linked to your username; is this the blog you're asking about?

  5. no, i am asking about another one.. I enter the API code.. which is correct - copied and pasted from my account - - yet it says it is invalid - the red warning bar stays on.

  6. I'm afraid we can't help you here in the forums. Your best bet is to email staff at Support at Support is closed for the weekend, but hopefully they'll get this sorted for you first thing on Monday.

  7. thanks anyway - you guys are a great help

  8. Sorry we couldn't be more use tonight.

  9. Make that Tuesday. It's a holiday on Monday over here and Mark should be taking a well earned break for the day!

  10. Mark's in another country though. Not sure if this holiday matches up over there.

  11. Cornell says" It's a holiday on Monday over here" and he lives the UK just like Mark. ;)

  12. Mark's in the UK i believe, in which case monday is Bank Holiday monday. Some recognise it as a holiday, others dont

  13. Cornell's a FOREIGNER?!?!?! :)

  14. can anyone help me with this yet?..

    how come my API will not work, when I am copying it directly from my account?

  15. Sorry Mike, I is English. :)

    It's you that's the foreigner! ;)

    Did you submit feedback or send an email to support @ this domain as was suggested way back up there somewhere? As stated above, us mortals in the forum can't help and you need to speak to one of the "gods" to get this sorted.


  16. First download and install the very latest plugin.
    Then check the error message.

    And if you send a support, send every single piece of information please.

  17. thanks,, will do

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