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Apostrophe Displays Incorrectly In Sidebar

  1. I've looked at my site in FF and IE, but both display one of my entry titles wrong. It has an apostrophe that is showing as a box. I can't contact support right now as they are temporarily closed. Any ideas?

  2. FYI, it's under the Recent Comments widget.

  3. Since it displays correctly in the recent posts widget, it might be an issue with the recent comments widget. Perhaps someone who knows for sure will see this.

  4. I've noticed a recent problem, and hope to get it fixed when support is online again. My name now displays a slash as well as an apostrophe in my profile..this is new..was never a problem before. So O'Connell becomes O//'Connell. Somehow I think its a new little wordpress issue that needs patching up.

  5. I was so excited - I thought this was going to be a discussion on correct punctuation. Oh well.

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