Apostrophe in URL wihen Copying/Pasting Title

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    This is in reference to a self-hosted blog.

    If I manually type out a title/headline which happens to contain an apostrophe, WordPress properly strips out the apostrophe and all is good.

    If; however, I copy and paste the title (say if I’m cross-posting my content from another blog), the URL generated will contain the apostrophe. I then have to manually edit the URL to remove it, so that the URL can be promoted on Buzz, Digg, etc.

    Is there any fix or plug-in available that will strip apostrophes and other punctuation out of URLs automatically, so that I don’t have to manually go back in and fix them?

    My permalink structure is custom with: %postname%.

    Thanks much.


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    You need to go on over to WordPress.Org support for help with a self-hosted blog:

    WordPress.COM has a different platform and our answers would not necessarily apply to your software/host/platform.




    1tess and Phoxis. Thank you. I’ll move this to the .org.

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