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Apparent corruption of theme or blog display

  1. Hi there,

    Between late last night and today, my blog at has started showing wierdly... gotten all dark with a light line running down the middle. The theme is Sapphire.

    Any thoughts?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. My blog also looks very weird - Anyone know what is happening. I have a very different theme. All the formatting is gone.


  3. @csbsews, the site linked to your username, , is not a wordpress.COM blog and in fact does not appear to be built on wordpress at all so we cannot help you with that.

    @fencer, I just looked at your blog with Firefox 3.0.8 and also with Safari 3.2.1 and it looks fine in both. I see no darkness or any lines running through it.

  4. @fencer - Your blog looks fine in FF 3.0.8, unless the dark background is not normal. (btw, we lived in the same neighborhoo.)

    @csbsews - Without a link to your blog, we can't even check. The ecommerce site linked to your name is not helpful in this support forum, nor of any relevence.

  5. o/ - tsp!

  6. My blog is, and has always been a Word Press blog. I will check the linkage to my web store and see what is going on...

  7. Just checked and now my blog looks good. I don't know what happened to the formatting or why but it is all good now....

  8. Again, my blog is I don't know why this is linking to my web store. I DID NOT INTEND THAT, I only wanted help with the blog...

    What exactly is linking to the web store??? I'll see if I can fix it....

  9. @csbsews, How are we to know if you do not include a link to the blog when you ask a question? I see nothing wrong with your blog in Firefox or in Safari.

    I would suggest that you review the terms of service here though and also the following linked support documents. You have a link to your webstore in every post on the main page. In other words, it looks like the only purpose for the blog is to drive traffic to your webstore and that is a violation of the TOS here ( #2, bullet point 5).

  10. DID SOMEONE REPORT MY BLOG...after all this time WordPress wants to close it??? what's going on...

    I had a simple blog at and today I lose format, theme, and then get message from WordPress. And weird responses from people on the forums about connecting to my web store...I am so confused...

  11. Thanks, thesacredpath and ellaella,

    I've tried again since I came home after work and the blog looks fine. I wonder if the problem had something to do with IE8. I have Firefox and IE7 at home. Anyway, appears to not be an issue...

    And ellaella, so you lived around 20th and 6th Ave., too? I'm sure the whole area has quite changed since the late 1970s...


  12. I don't know that wordpress has yet worked on IE8. They don't work on compatibility with beta browsers and I understand it IE 8 just came out of beta about a week or so ago.

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