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Apparently I don't actually have a user name.

  1. Though I am able to log in to, I am not able to log in to my blog which is hosted on my own site. I downloaded and installed WP earlier, and was logged in earlier, but now when I try to login via my own server ( it tells me there is no such user name.

    Also when I try to do anything at my dashboard, I just get the screen to make a new blog ( I do not want a blog at WordPress as I already installed it on my site. I just want to be able to log in and make a post... Thanks in advance!

  2. Are you the administrator of your site? But if you host your own site, then this is the wrong forum. We don't host our sites here. You can ask over at the forum here:

  3. The blogs hosted here at are entirely seperate from those hosted elsewhere. There's no connection between them so logins and accounts here won't work elsewhere.

    When you setup WP on your server, you should have had displayed a username of Admin along with a temporary password. That's what you use to login there until you change it on your backend.

    Hope this helps,

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