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  1. When printed noticed the following:

    -line thru Title
    -line thru photo caption
    -line thru related link
    -line thru categories,tags
    -line thru "Blog at WordPress" and also Theme and Author

    Just wondering why and would search engines notice as well??


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm evidently not seeing the same thing you are.

  3. How are you printing your posts? Have you tried using "print friendly?"

    As for why you are getting the lines thru text, I'd guess it has to do with the way your browser and printer interact. Unless it's part of the code, search engines won't see it. And I can't see anything in the code formatting which is causing the problem.

  4. Thank you wyocec, I changed from IE to Firefox and problem resolved.

  5. 1tess, thank you I did use and problem resolved. Now I know it is the browser as I checked source code as well.

    I really appreciate the fast and positive results on this forum!

  6. You are welcome.

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