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  1. How do I get to Appearance to modify a widget? I do not have Appearance as an option in my dashboard.

    The blog I need help with is

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    Hi there. You should be able to access the Appearance Menu by going to Appearance is along the left side (below Pages, Posts, Feedbacks, etc.). This is the same place you would go if you were looking to change the active theme.

  3. It used to be, not there now.

  4. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    Can you take a screenshot of your admin screen, upload it to your site and post a link to the image here?

  5. @Dmowens1129
    Can't you click to see this link?

  6. @dmowens1129
    Excuse me but step one is that you must be logged in under the exact same username account that registered the blog and who is the Admin of the blog.

    Clicking this link should display all your blogs registered under the same username, including the hidden ones:

    If you do not see the blog here then
    follow this guide >

    If you have lost your log-in information you can visit
    If required click the "Need More Help" link and complete the form for account recovery.

  7. Thanks everyone, figured it was an access issue.

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