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  1. homairah060790

    Hi, I just changed my theme & my widgets are no long showing as well as my different menu tabs. I would like my menu tabs at the top under the header as well as my widgets showing on the right hand side. Is this possible with this theme?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. a) The theme you selected is quirky: it displays your widgets when you click the top left icon (the three short lines).
    b) Appearance > Menus: create a custom menu (if you hadn't already created one), or set the menu you had created as your primary menu.

  3. homairah060790

    So there is no way of moving the widgets to the right side of the page?

    Thank you

  4. No: Ryu doesn't have a sidebar.

  5. homairah060790

    Ok so I'm trying to change the theme back to original "redbubble" but the changes are not being saved. I have tried over 5 times but it is still RYU themed

  6. There's no "Rebubble" theme. At the moment your blog is using Reddle. If you're not seeing this, clear your browser's cache.

  7. homairah060790

    Oops! thats what I meant but I was able to figure it out. One last question? How do I post under the different tabs? everytime I post something just to test it out, it will all go under home page

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