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Appearance is not the same on different computers

  1. Today I have chosen a new theme and updated it on my 17 inch mac. I loved the appearance. I have then arrived to work and check my blog on a 19 inch pc and the appearance was not at all the same. All the pictures that I updated on a Mac where either not visible on the pc or they were stretch or magnified. What have I don’t wrong and what is a way to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What exactly do you mean by "updating" images?
    What browser and version are you using on the pc?

  3. I meant 'uploaded' on Mac. I am not sure which browser and version on PC i've got as I dont know how to check that, but pc is Dell with Windows 7/Pro.
    If you visit my blog you will pobably see what I mean. The picture of a model on the leaft handside is stretched, the photoes on the 'passport' post are very small.

  4. "If you visit my blog you will pobably see what I mean."
    Not necessarily, because I'm a Mac user myself! But I can tell you what to do.
    a) The images on the 'passport' post have been inserted as a gallery. The gallery displays thumbnails. You set the defaults for thumbnail size yourself, in Settings > Media.
    b) The header image displays fine on my Mac. Your mistake is that the image is huge (more than six times the width of the sidebar in Confit), and you inserted it in real size. The theme automatically downsizes it to make it fit, but bad browser versions don't understand this. You should edit the image in an image editing application to downsize it to the dimensions the theme requires (that is, make it 222 pixels wide) and upload that version. Apart from taking care of bad browsers, this will also result in better quality.

  5. I'm a PC user using Firefox 19 and I see the normal and expected display of the Confit theme.

    The "stretched" image has been cropped because it's HUGE ie. right out of the camera - not optimized for the web
    1,500px × 3,498px (scaled to 234px × 547px)

    re: the photos on the 'passport' post are very small
    The images are too large to be placed where they are and have not been optimized for the web. Consequently they have to be scrunched and that means a loss of image quality.


  6. ok guys, thanks! I am going to try to adjust and see how it works. But i still find it strange that on the mac everything looks fine and on a pc not. I wish I could attach files here and send print screen images.

  7. You're welcome.
    a) It's not strange: on a PC the browser might be IE. IE is a lousy browser, and if it's an older version of IE, WP doesn't support it.
    b) You can: you take a screenshot, upload it to your blog via Media > Add New, click Edit, copy the File URL from the Save module, paste URL here.

  8. ok, but how can I find out what size my images should be to look normal on any computer according to a specific theme? When I had 1 theme images where fine and now that I've chosen a different theme I've faced some problems.

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