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Appearance issues on some browsers; refresh or cookie&history delete don't help

  1. Blog does not display properly on some browsers (such as iPad, or an older IE version). Mainly, the side bar frame doesn't show to the side of the main frame but rather down on the bottom. It happens in any design theme. Refreshing or clearing history and cookies hasn't helped and has nothing to do with it.

  2. Hi abareket, Which IE version were you viewing the site with? We support version IE9 and higher.

    For iPad, most themes provide a responsive layout, meaning it will adapt to the size of the display -- be it phone, tablet, desktop. In smaller devices the sidebar doesn't fit, so it moves to the bottom so that the main content column can take up the full screen width.

    Is this for This theme, Crafty, does indeed move the sidebar to the bottom for a table view (or smaller).

  3. Hi Lance, thanks a lot for your detailed, useful answer. Can you possibly recommend some nice alternative white theme/s with a sidebar that won׳t move to the bottom on tablets?
    (And indeed, I use IE8...)

  4. Hmm, good question.

    To explore a bit, point your iPad here: and click open the "live demo" links for themes you like. That way you can get a great idea of what they'll look like on your site, on an iPad.

    I think most sidebars will move down, just because of the minimal screen space. If both main content and sidebar are in view, the text size would be so small it'd be hard to read.

    Here are some good choices:

    - Superhero: - Further: - Château: (sidebar appears in landscape mode) - NotesIL:

    Hope that helps!

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