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    I am quite new here. When clicking on a category, I would like, the articles to appear entirely on the page and not only a few lines of them. I am using the Sapphire theme.
    Perhaps I must change it, or can I do something else?
    My blog :
    Thanks for your help.



    Hm. I am not sure if you can do that, unless if you stop using the “more” -line that cuts posts and give you the “read the rest here”-link. You could place the “more”-line lower down though.

    That means that all your posts will be full-length on your first page too, and I personally think that is a bad idea.

    Maybe someone else have another take on this.



    That is the way the theme is designed. (The more tag isn’t the problem.) If you don’t want the category pages to function that way, I think you are going to have to change themes.



    thank you both for your time

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