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    When I changed the picture on most all of my pages using my laptop, they appeared fine. But now when I look at the pages on my computer at work the picture is cut off. I am specifically talking about these pages:

    The main page of my blog is

    Should I resize the picture?

    The blog I need help with is



    When you say “cut off” exactly what do you mean? Vertically, horizontally, pictures in the sidebar (which side)? That would help people to help you.

    The page looks fine to me, but the above information should be helpful to others to help you.


    It is the same picture on each of the links I provided in my initial email. I am using that picture somewhat as a “banner” for each page. The picture is in the top middle of each page; the tiger with the title Free Tony The Tiger and quote: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.


    You are using a flexible width theme, that means that the theme width adjusts depending on the browser window width settings. You will always have the problem with images on flexible width themes with low monitor resolution settings/small monitors and/or narrow browser window settings.

    Generally with flexible width themes, there is a “minimum” width set in the theme to help keep this from happening, but in the Garland theme, there is no minimum width.

    Solution: Change themes to a fixed width theme.



    You could try adding the image in the HTML editor and setting the size in the code. If you make it so that the code looks a little like the following the image will resize to fit the centre column width and maintain the correct aspect ratio.

    <img height="auto" width="100%" src="IMAGE-URL" />


    Luke, I had thought of that also, but browsers do such a horrible job of resizing images, that quality might suffer a lot.

    Still, something they can try and see if they can live with the results.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why there isn’t a “minimum” width declared in Garland. That seems like no-brainer when it comes to flexible width themes.



    Maybe pop in a request to have a min-width added to the CSS when staff return. I can’t imagine it would break (m)any current uses of the theme. In an ideal world it have been done from the start though!


    Are you using the same browser? Everything usually looks different and off on Internet Explorer.


    I appreciate all of your replies. Thank you.

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