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    In my compose screen (for page or post) the italics are normal like this, but on my actual blog, once the writing is published, instead of an italic appearance, all the words coded as italics are a bold font (green color). I have been through every setting on every option in my dashboard and can’t figure out how to override this.

    The words that are linked to another webpage are a similar problem: they are bold and a pink color. It looks very unprofessional. :)


    The blog I need help with is


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    Please provide a specific post where the italic font is not displaying properly: a link to post http:// and the phrase where it is happening.

    The links in your widgets are all green, as I think they should be, so are you talking about links in a post? If so, then can you link with specifics where this is happening?


    Here is a link:

    Link: The first line of text is a link (“Pearl of Beauty: Becoming Maidens of “)

    Italics: Further down is a bullet list of periodicals which are all in italics (“Family Reformation; The Kansas City Star; Moody Alumni; etc.).

    Thanks for your help!


    Oops, had it backwards. Links are green and italics are pinkish. Both bold. Both look bad. :)



    Links must stand out, so making them show up as colored text is a frequent choice. (Haven’t you noticed what all the links in your sidebar widgets look like?)
    When you use the italics button, the HTML tags that are added are the em tags. These literally stand for emphasized text; most designers make them result in italicized text, but the designer of Fjords had the quirky idea of making them result in pinkish bold text.
    You can change both on a case-by-case basis using code in the Text editor (if you’re interested in this let us know), or you can change them once for all if you buy the Custom Design upgrade, or you can switch to a different theme.


    The links in my sidebar can be whatever color they want to be–but having different colors of text for links within the text of a post (unless it’s the generic blue of most links in any online text) drive me nuts.

    I didn’t realize it was a theme issue–no wonder I couldn’t find a way to change it. I would like to change this case-by-case. I don’t use them a ton so that would work fine. Please tell me how?




    a) To display italics, use i tags in the Text editor:
    <i>TEXT HERE</i>
    (But keep in mind an objection to that: em tags have a meaning for screen readers while i tags are visual only.)
    b) What would you like your links to look like? other color, or underlined, or both?



    I’d prefer the links to just be underlined.



    When you switch the editor to Text (=code), you’ll see that the code for a link is like this:
    <a href=ETC ETC

    To make it underlined (and same color as regular text in Fjords), you need to turn it to this:
    <a style="color:#888;text-decoration:underline;" href=ETC ETC


    Great. I appreciate your help.

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