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    I use Chaotic Soul. In the sample design the formatting is different from when I use it. For instance the writing and image is placed right at the margins at left and right in the sample. In my site there is a lot of empty space at the left and right sides of the screen. Why is this? I would like the writing and images of my page to spread across the page like in the sample. how can I do this?
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    To be honest, I don’t see any difference between your site and the demo site. I’m viewing both in Chrome 20.

    Is it possible you have zoomed your browser in on the demo site? Try hitting Ctrl+0 and see if that doesn’t’ change the size of the content holder on the demo site.

    If you want to change the width of the content area on your theme, you would need to know how to use CSS and then purchase the Custom Design upgrade, which is an annually renewable upgrade.


    Hi justjennifer,

    It doesn’t seem to work. I find it strange that when I look at the page there’s this empty space at the two sides. It’s the same when I view it in any browser.



    Could this be a screen resolution issue?


    I don’t know. It could be as my screens wide at the sides, but then isn’t every screen like that? Besides when I checked the theme in the list of themes the sample looked different. That is why I can’t understand why the information I add gets squeezed into a smaller space rather than across the screen like it does in the sample. Guess I’ll have to live with this.

    does anyone know how I can contact the administrators? There used to be a link to send queries direct to the adminstrator of the site but seems its not there anymore.



    What is your screen resolution size please? If you do not know please click here to find out >


    Hi timethief,

    I checked the Theme Showcase and the example there looked a lot like my page. So I guess that’s how it will look. The sample is just the sample. guess i just got my question answered. Thanks.



    If by “sample design” you mean the screenshot in Appearance > Themes, that’s a cropped screenshot, and it’s close to what you’d get in a low resolution screen. The content in Chaotic Soul has a fixed pixel width, so the higher the resolution of your screen the more the left and right background you get.

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