Appearance of Password Protected Pages

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    When I create a ‘password protected page’ and when someone who has the password and read it, why is there always the word ‘PROTECTED:’ in front of the page title? For example if the page’s title is ‘Profile’ it appears as ‘PROTECTED: Profile’
    Is this by default? Can that word ‘PROTECTED’ be taken away?

    The blog I need help with is


    No that display cannot be changed.



    Thanks for the note. I will suggest WP to look into taking that away. I wonder if this is the case in all templates or only some?



    It is the case in all of them, and the reason it is there is to warn the users that you want that page kept private, so please don’t spread the contents all over the web. It may be possible to remove it, but it is surely unwise.



    I do understand the function of it. I just think the design of it could be better. Instead of appearing as part of the title, it could be ideal if it’s in the form of a watermark on top. Or in a different color/ font even if it ‘has to’ appear in that position, alternatively or as a disclaimer at the bottom. For images within the pages there is already a function to disable sharing and link to images so that is already good.

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