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    I am using my blog as a website – Pilcrow theme. I have set up a Post page to display posts – Pilcrow theme allows no sidebars on pages – why are they showing up on the posts? Is there a way to change the appearance?

    The blog I need help with is


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    dashboard —> appearance —> theme options —> full width no sidebar —> save


    I have done that and the “pages” have no sidebars, except for the home page, which is a static page. I want the posts to have no sidebars also.


    Actually, I should respond again. As I said, I want the home page to have sidebars so I can use widgets. The theme allows you to change the appearance on individual pages, so I can elect to have no sidebars on them. If I change the theme options to full width no sidebar I will lose the widget option on the home page. Hope this makes sense.


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    No, you shouldn’t lose the widgets on that page: use the “default” template for that one page. It will over-ride the full width option (which I think actually only applies to posts).


    Thanks for your help and I think maybe I’m missing something. I’m assuming you have looked at my blog. On the home page, under In The News, you can click on post entries; when you are redirected to the post, you get the default appearance – with the sidebars. I don’t want them to show, just as I don’t want them to show on the individual pages, other than the Home page. I’m thinking that the Pilcrow theme does not allow me to customize the Posts.

    Is this something CSS would allow me to change? I have paid for that upgrade but I’m not familiar with CSS so have been hesitant to try it.

    Again, thank you and sorry for being a duh!


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    No, I was mistaken. The full width option does in fact apply to both pages and posts. For some reason I thought it worked only for posts and one could over-ride it for pages but Pilcrow doesn’t have that option.

    I don’t know CSS, but I suspect that if you alter one page then all the others would follow. You can really only change appearance and not function.


    Thank you.


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    It occurs to me that you might use inline styling to make it appear as though you have widgets in sidebars. I don’t know how perfectly it will work, nor how easy it would be to update things.


    Been using Pilcrow for some time now but it’s weird that my homepage recently appears as a single column when I had it default to ‘sidebar-content-sidebar’. But if I click on a specific post, it displays properly. Please help. Thanks :)

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