appearance of subscription emails?

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    Hi, my subscribers are having two problems with the email updates they
    get from my blog through feedburner:

    1. the subject line comes up blank. It seems it should be the title
    of the post being emailed, or even A new post from the title of my blog, Narrative

    2. the type is extremely small. It’s great on my blog page and easy
    to read, but the emails are almost too small to read.

    Does anyone know how to fix these problems?



    Could we have a link to the blog? The site linked to your username is not a wordpress.COM blog.



    Sorry this is a feed burner issue and should be asked
    in the support section over at feed burner.


    Actually, the fonts (and sizes) in emails can be controlled from settings in your email program. These are typically in the “fonts” area of preferences. I have mine (HTML message (proportional)) set for Times New Roman, 14pt and that is what the feedburner emails come in with for the body text of the message.

    Check your account at Feedburner for a “blog title” and make sure it is set. Also, check the “blog title” under settings > general. If you have nothing set there, and Feedburner pulls the title from there (through the RSS feed) then the subject line would end up blank.

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