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    I have just set up a blog using the HUM theme but I am experiencing some appearance problems:
    Here is my URL for reference

    1) The site name header text I want to appear on one line only , but it seems that anything longer than 4 letter wraps onto another line.
    Is there a way to make the area for the text larger/longer so my site name (duck soup) appears on one line?
    2) the tag line text (underneath) I want to format in a different colour & style font than the site name header text – when I try to change it it changes both the header and tagline text. Can it not be done separately?
    3) I am trying delete the default widgets in the main sidebar area. I have followed your help topics and inserted a plain text widget into the sidebar widgets from the dashboard which you say eliminates the current default widgets, but this doesn’t happen?? I have deleted the cache and tried many times – still no result.
    4) Once I can successfully remove these widgets (e.g FB & Twitter) can I re-position them on the top of the site for example or anywhere else?
    I cannot find those default widgets in the widget dashboard?

    Many thanks for your prompt reply – these issues are holding up my site development

    The blog I need help with is

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