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    Hey all
    I’m trying to find the appearance tab on the left hand column where my settings are?

    My account is .com and I’m on the premium package, I’ve seen ‘appearance’ tab on other bloggers snapshots and am wondering why my format looks so different?

    Is it due to the fact i am .com and not .org? Basically I don’t have the full freedom to customise? As I am not self hosted?

    Any help would be fully appreciated :)


    The blog I need help with is


    I assume that you are using the My Site/Calypso dashboard. The old wp-admin dashboard is still available. For some reason you have the link to it visible when I click on “member” against your username. That is where you can see “Appearance” but I don’t think there is much these days at wp-admin “Appearance” (Themes, Customize, Widgets, Menus etc) that you haven’t already got access to via the My Site dashboard. With the Premium plan you already have access to CSS customization via the Customizer so apart from adding plugins you can already do almost as much as if you were using



    Thank you & correct it is within the my site/Calypso dashboard that I’ve been trying to find the appearance tab! But, as you pointed out I can see now that I’ve been looking in the wrong place completely!
    Doh! Thank you so much and for the heads up on .com it’s really helpful :)

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