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    I notice my forum comments come on google but my blog doesnt (i am not private) – why is this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Your blog is only a few days old. It can take a week or so for Google to include you in search results, sometimes longer.

    It’s generally faster for a blog than for a static web site structure like yours.



    Oh I see, thank you so much


    The blog is only three days old with one post. It might take a week or two to be updated. Google needs more to crawl a site. While the forum is updated dozens of times a day and has new content for them to crawl.

    You can also submit your link yourself to Google. The site is down for some reason. Wait a few minutes until it’s back up again.


    Oops. ^^ lol


    You’re blog is only 3 days old. It can take 6 weeks for google to find you although it is typically less, but you have another problem.

    You have chosen to do everything on your blog in pages with no posts. If you write and publish posts, wordpress automatically pings all the major services and search engines though With pages, which are designed for static content that seldom if ever changes, they do NOT ping.

    You either need to turn all your pages into posts, and then organize them via categories and tags, or if you stay with what you have, and keep using pages, then you will have to manually ping through pingomatic each time you make a new page or modify a page.

    With pages only, your search engine ranking (how highly you place in searches) will always remain very low.

    With posts, you can tag and categorize them and that helps the search engines know what your posts are about and where to place you in searches.



    If appearing in google is any kind of a priority for you at all, you will HAVE to make this switch. The sooner you do it the better.



    Oh I see – I do plan to start writing a blog soon which will help. But if i turn my static pages into posts it won’t look like an ordainary website with a blog – it will just look like 1 long blog right?



    Yes. If you plan to start writing blog posts, then you’re fine. But don’t expect Google to pay attention to Pages; there’s a reason why businesses with websites are hastily tacking blogs on to them: blogs have HUGE googlejuice. Websites don’t.



    I beg to differ. My little website gets 100,000 page views a year. 70% of the page views come from Google. It just takes longer for Google to find the pages, and to build up popularity from people linking to your pages, and reading them. Google spiders websites around every couple of months. I am talking about my website elsewhere, and not my blog here.

    It seems blog posts are spidered much more quickly. So I suggest creating blog posts also, as you create pages. Use the “Read the rest of this entry” link in your post in order to link to your page. Best of both worlds.

    There is no need for pages though for posts you don’t intend to regularly update. In that case the “Read the rest of this entry” link (if one is necessary) can link to the post.



    Thanks – what is the read the rest of this entry link?
    (My plan is to keep the static pages I have already created basically the same and then have an ongoing blog i will update about twice a month)



    Here is some info on splitting content:

    Short blog posts don’t need to get split. One can put any number of links in them. I want to use short blog posts to tell people of new static pages. I could use a short blog post to inform people of several new static pages on my blog and on others’ blogs and websites.



    My little blog gets about a million hits a year. I teach this stuff for a living. If SEO matters to you, use a blog.

    If your site consisting primarily of static pages is getting 100,000 hits a year, it could be getting a great deal more if it had a blog.



    I agree. My 3-week-old blog here (one post and one static page) is already number 11 in a google search for its topic:

    I know from watching my website stats what topics will get hits. I hope to transfer all or most of the popular topics from my free (limited bandwidth) website to blog sites. I know from experience that pages on popular topics that get updated now and then will get far more hits. Thus the desire for updated static pages here combined with blog posts here to attract even more hits.

    My website only has around a hundred pages. Your blog site has thousands of posts. It seems most blogs on don’t come close to the number of hits you are getting. See and look for hit counters on the first 10 to 20 blog sites. Most of those sites at the top have been around a long time, and I don’t know how long they have had the hit counter on. In no particular order:

    156,637 hits
    186,138 hits
    29,542 hits
    56,623 hits
    645,849 hits
    87,798 hits

    I think that if updated static pages were encouraged more, then the combination with blog posts would get a lot more Google hits for many blog sites. I really like the look of – I wish it came in a flexible-width, left-sidebar version as one of the free themes. I need flexible-width to allow the long charts to be big enough to be legible, and to extend to the right, and not overlap sidebar stuff in laptops and netbooks. Most of all I really like the header bar of links at the top, and the room for the info stickied at the top.

    I hope to use that room at the top for site introduction, and for page jumps to link to blog posts farther down the home page. See and the light-blue-background box with a linked table of contents (TOC) on the right side of that page. That box is on many pages. One prominent TOC link on my home page would be to the “latest blog post” farther down the home page.

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