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    If you look at the front page of my website (or any Appetite theme for that matter), you’ll see different sections. You’ll see the ‘we make a variety of food…’ section, then as you scroll you see the ‘best happy hours in town’ section, followed by ‘the staff’ section. I would like to create this same structure on my ‘What is CareerFear’ page. However, if I use the ‘front page’ template, it literally recreates the front page, and doesn’t let me change up the structure, images, etc..

    How can I add this sort of horizontal sectioning that lets the user scroll like on the front page onto a default page template (my ‘’ page).


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, there is a Appetite theme support page that explains the features of the theme, and also how to set up and use front page template. Have a look at that and I think it will get you well on your way.



    Thanks for the response. So, I have (and did again) looked through the support page, and was unable to find anything relating to this question. I also asked a happiness engineer about this problem, and they said it could only be fixed through CSS, and requested that I go to this forum and post my question.

    I think I should clarify my problem a little; I don’t actually want the ‘front page template’. I just need to section a particular page on my site in the way that page is sectioned (partitioned) into different divisions (we make a variety of food…’ section, then as you scroll you see the ‘best happy hours in town’ section, followed by ‘the staff’ section..). I want to be able to change content in this, and manipulate everything inside of it.

    What I need is to change each ‘featured page’ section into just an area where I can add content, not to link it to anywhere.

    Simply setting it to the ‘front page template’ doesn’t do this.

    Please help.



    Hi, and sorry I misunderstood. Have you tried using the Full-Width Grid Template? It will show child pages in a Grid such as this one on the demo site?

    We wouldn’t be able to completely mimic the front page template with CSS, but to even get close, it would require creation of a good bit of custom HTML that would be placed into the content of a full-width static page, and then a good bit of custom CSS would be needed to style all of that to look similar to the main page.

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