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apply two separate themse to one blogs pages

  1. Hi to all

    I am new here, and new to blogging so I am hoping that this is the correct place to ask this question. I did a search for posts that might cover this, and found nothing that seemed to fit.
    Can one have two themes applied to one blog on the blogs different pages? If so, where in FAQs would I look for the steps to do so.

  2. Not possible, sorry. You could achieve this effect on a self-hosted blog (you can still only use one theme at a time, but have different templates for pages within the theme), but it can't be done here.

  3. ok , well thank you for your reply. :-)

  4. I wish to have a self hosted or web hosted blog here's the link
    There's also a "Please read me..." pink sticky at the head of this forum that provides a comparison between services and functions and that may be helpful to you.

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