Applying theme filters not working (sometimes)

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    Just so y’all know, I noticed that the “Features Filter” didn’t load. It is found under the “[username here]” webpage of my Dashboard.

    This happened a few times in the past where I would press the the “Apply Filter” button (“input class=”button-secondary” type=”submit” value=”Apply Filters” style=”margin-left: 120ps”) and get the following message:

    “Steady on, I’m still loading! Displaying 1-199 of 199”

    I went back to click the link labeled “Close filters” and got the following message:

    “Loading, please wait…”

    Well, I couldn’t wait and had to “refresh” my internet/web browser; clicked on the “Feature Filters” link; selected the clickbox for “Post Formats”, for example; pressed the “Apply Filters” button; crossed my fingers and waited for the page to load.

    Refreshing the internet/web browser helps but it is inconvenient (sometimes). Did anyone else encounter this problem? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



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    @timethief. Thanks for replying/flagging this “thread”.

    I’ve read the How to use the Themes Forum post (many times) and I wasn’t sure/unclear if this/my Forum topic should have gone there and decided instead to post under the Support forum. Now I should/know better. :)



    Not to worry.



    Hi @flynnblog,

    The feature filter appears to be working normally on my en. Are you still running into this issue? Please let us know if you see this error again, and I will report it to our team.


    Slightly OT, but for those of us on slower internet connections,, and appearance > themes is painful. I have to cancel loading on them and then search for whatever theme I’m wanting to view and it can take 20 seconds before it will return a result.



    “Are you still running into this issue?”

    Yup. It got stuck while:

    “Transferring data from…”

    I then clicked somewhere on my Dashboard and tried the same “Feature Filter” example in my OP and the webpage loaded successfully but SLOWLY (as usual).




    Anyway, I’ll just change this topic to “resolved” since this particular feature seems to be working though slow at times.


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