Appropriateness of Writing a New Post – “The People I Look Up To”

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    Hello WordPress users, I have the idea of writing a post about people who I look up to as examples and have some questions regarding this idea: is this an appropriate type of post to publish? I wish to include a photograph of individuals who are currently alive, along with historical figures including Abraham Lincoln. Could there be undesirable unforeseen consequences of linking up presently-living people in a blog post as in my idea? Thanks a lot for your input and advice!

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    Well, first off, it isn’t “appropriate” to post things such as this in the main support forums. The proper place would be the off-topic forums, but really there is no “appropriate” or “inappropriate” posts really. Blog what you feel compelled to blog. Blogging about people you look up to is a great thing to blog about and certainly could open up some good discussions via comments as people mention who they look up to.


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    If you are concerned about copyrighted pictures of current famous people, take a look at PicApp:



    Thanks for the help! :-)

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