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    hello, I’ve been submitting my site since last year to wordads, and it still ‘you have no eligible blog’, my site has 1,700 visitors per day, I’ve done set my site as public, self-hosted and using jetpack, and absolutely I’m the owner of my site ,

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there, I’ve tagged this thread for Staff attention. Thanks for your patience while they get back to you.



    @dedekbuana this site seems to have some sporadic traffic patterns, and that could be the issue. Any thoughts on why that could be happening?



    is that happening cause I often deactive and active jetpack ?
    what Im supposed to do?


    Hi dedekbuana,

    Jetpack needs to be connected in order for us to measure the amount of traffic your site receives. Can you tell me why you often deactivate and active Jetpack? Is there a technical issue causing this to happen every so often or it something you are doing manually?

    It would be worth leaving Jetpack connected to see if that helps with your traffic numbers and consistency.



    cause I thought it didn’t work, cause everytime I submit in it still “you have no eligible blog” even though my traffic more than 2k per day,
    but know I’ve been connecting my site with jetpack, Please help me !
    thanks anyway


    Please try this.

    1. Connect the Jetpack plugin. Go to and look for any errors reported with the connection.

    2. Sign in and view WordAds eligible site(s).

    3. If you don’t see any eligible sites, double check you’re signed in to the correct account, clear your browser cache, or try a different browser.

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