Approval to use free WordPress themes for further marketing of a business

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    below is an email we sent directly to Matt Mullenweg who is the creator of the wordpress theme Matala. we have not received a response as yet and wondering if anyone on the forums could help us. Thanks in advance to all that are able to give us any feedback or directive on this or do we need to get this done legally.

    Hi Matt,

    We are currently using the above wordpress Matala Theme for our blog spot “The Rocky Road House” and looking at converting this to a website which has online ordering capablilties for our products. The question we have is how freely are we able to use this Matala theme for marketing purposes. As you would be aware websites and Blog spots usually set the scene for marketing and promoting a business and considering that we already have this set up and happy with it we would like to use the Matala theme as our overall marketing format for example flyers, product labels, business cards, sign writing of the Matala Print onto a delivery van to eventually opening up a coffee house. Given this is a free Matala theme through wordpress is this something we would have to ask for permission for us to use for our business venture or can we continue without approval to promote and advertise using the Matala theme outside of wordpress. You earliest response would be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from The Rocky Road House.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not staff, but I would suggest to you that you’d be better off hiring a graphic designer rather than taking a blog theme that tens or hundreds of thousands of people are already using, and one which is strongly identified with someone very prominent in the blogging world. You’ve already lost the branding wars if you do that.


    we have not received a response as yet

    Then you probably have your answer.

    A ‘no response’ is usually considered a No.



    Hi there – thanks for your question. I’m looking into this for you and will keep you posted here.



    As part of the GPL license under which the theme falls, you may use graphic elements of the Matala theme in your offline marketing if you wish.

    Keep in mind that since the graphics were created for web use, they may not reproduce well in print and on signage. As well, if you intend to trademark any aspect of your corporate image, you will probably want to consult a lawyer about your use of any GPL-licensed imagery.

    Good luck.

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