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    I love that WP is now doing email subscriptions. Prior to others being able to receive updates, I would like to approve the people requesting subscriptions. Or to at least be notified when someone has subscribed. Is this possible? I scoured settings and searched the forum, but could not find an answer.

    Thanks to anyone who can answer…..

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s not possible at, sorry. After all, if you’ve got a public blog, they can subscribe via RSS anyway without notifying you.



    Why would you want to do this?



    My situation is similar. Hope appending to this thread is OK.

    I have a private blog. The number of viewers is about 100, greater than the max number of WordPress subscribers. I solved this by letting all the viewers just share one wordpress id.

    I’d like to enable subscriptions. The subscription widget detects that the WordPress id is signed in and only allows the (shared) WordPress id to subscribe. I’d like to allow this same WordPress id to subscribe using as many email addresses as it wants. That way, each of the 100 sharers of the WordPress id could subscribe with their own email addresses if they so choose.

    Alternatively, as administrator I’d like to be able to enroll other email addresses on behalf of those who desire. This would be a method of approving email addresses.

    I suppose I could temporarily make my blog public, sign off, enroll all the email addresses, then reset it to private. Think that would work? Any other ideas?




    Subscriptions are not available for private blogs WHILE the blogs are private. So you could sign them up, but then as soon as the blog went private again it’d be a dead issue and they would get no updates. Private blogs, for reasons of privacy protection, have no RSS feed and no email post capability.

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