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April fool's

  1. I just want to let you know that I loved your April fool's joke ! I check my blog statistics daily, and for a moment I went 'whaw !' . Still, I 'm quite happy with the moderate ratings I get. Thank you WordPress for making blogs easy for me, while staying connected during my sabbatical year. I love my blog !

  2. jeannettavivere

    I had a good chuckle on that, for a sec i said wt ? cute very cute !
    thank you

  3. Really enjoyed your April Fools - great to get a sense of real people behind the interface. By the way, as a newly-minted blogger with almost zero IT nous, I can't praise WordPress enough - and go on at my poor friends at length - for the really really user-friendly site and instructions. I'm having fun instead of tearing my hair out in frustration - thank you!

  4. I didn't even notice it :( My regular daily stat bars are pretty small since the 2 days from when I was freshly pressed have made my graph all skewed so the 1k bar instead of the 100 bar didn't stand out from the rest. I also just tend to look at the numbers, rather than the graph. I saw people posting about it on the forums and I was like "What? My stats have been fine." but now I finally see.

    I like when big sites do their own April Fools jokes.

  5. I also enjoyed the joke.Thanks, wordpress for having a quirky sense of fun. When I logged in and saw my dashboard my first reaction was huh? Then I laughed out loud. There have been some very funny April Fool's pranks on the web today--from the @BronxZoosCobra taking over Ryan Seacrest's twitter and website to Ikea's You Tube vid of a high chair for dogs!! One can't be too careful believing anything one sees or reads on April 1

    I also enjoyed your year end stats report and the Christmas snow! You guys are so imaginative xoxoxo

  6. nice work, WordPress. I thought, "holy shit, Twitter + Facebook + Tumblr sharing really is quite effective; just look at those stats."

  7. how come everybody liked it? i hated the prank! :(

    for one moment my heart was soaring: i had finally reached blogging nirvana, and then reality bit...

  8. yeah it kinda made me sad

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