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April Fool's on the net

  1. This year's Google offering:

    Anyone else see any of interest?

  2. I was going to mention the Google Deal.....hahaha!


  3. I just saw my April Fools post up as the Blog of the Minute up on Today Blog of the Minute... tomorrow Today's Hot Blog Posts... the week after that Today's Hot Blogs.

  4. I hope you're Blog of the Minute link was correct. Mine's not. :(

    *sigh* Oh well...

  5. Agh! It's an April Fool's Joke! I've been had! Everyone is their own blog of the moment today! It's like the last episode of The Prisoner, except it makes more sense.

  6. ?

  7. Yeah, they got me with this one, too. This is karma for the April fools when I told my boyfriend that the pool chlorine had dissolved off all my pubic hair.

  8. @TT,
    That one took me a minute, but it's hilarious. I'm so glad i've been around the forums long enough to get the inside jokes. More blue!!!

    PS: i gave you & DrM a little link love for the other items in this thread :-)

  9. :o

  10. @judyb12
    Check this out too
    And thanks for the "love".

  11. How the internet killed April Fools' Day

    Think Geek April Fools'

    WOOT! A million dollar bag of crap

  12. ok...?!

  13. :O I am no longer comfortable here.

  14. @chicablog
    There are no human body parts displayed at the link above. If there had been I would not have posted the link.

  15. okay. it still creeps me out when people talk about that kind of stuff

  16. You'll have to get used to it if you play in the open internet. Grow a thick skin.

    I'm uniquely unqualified to identify April Fool's pranks, because I post stuff like that all the time. BTW, the April Fool's tag has been worth a whopping three hits today. Nobody's interested in my mummified fairy or the New Jersey Spaghetti Harvest.

  17. defrostindoors

    I took the weekend off of blogging. I'm sure if I'd posted the fake Barbaro story like I'd planned, I would have gotten all kinds of "OMG I knew it!" comments.

  18. I'm thinking about writing up a "Barbaro was the spirit of Vinnie Barbarino, reincarnated. Ah, fated to die young in any form!" story. Can I count on you for a link? I can handle all the clotted manure the crazed horsefans can throw my way.

  19. Mine worked pretty well. I even had 2 guys call me with the WTH! Funny stuff for a Landscape Designer.

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