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    I can see that approving the Arabic strings is really slow, also, I think there are no one in Automattic (According to the Automatitc map) know Arabic so, How do you accept strings?


    Many of the translations are graciously done by volunteers. We appreciate that help!

    This is the best place to start:

    I don’t work with translations directly, but I see from our help page that strings are accepted through a tool called GlotPress. You can read more about GlotPress here:



    Okay, I ask because I can’t really see that translations are approved, I work on translation ;)


    Okay, that’s covered in the first link I sent you before. This part might be the most relevant part:

    Strings are deployed in batches of approximately 200 strings, rather than on ongoing basis. Once you have 200 new/updated strings, they will be deployed.

    That FAQ also says to post in the Translations Forum if you need further assistance.

    I haven’t worked much with translations myself! But I’m sure you can find out more if you post in the Translation Forum! Make sure to include specifics whenever possible. For example, it would be helpful if you added a new link to a few of the translations you’re concerned about in a new Translation Forum post.



    I just found out that i’ve been granted moderator access to Arabic translation, but no one notified me of that earlier.

    Anyway I’ll do my best to moderate all pending translations this week.
    The translation status is already up by 1% now :)

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