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Arabic translation validator

  1. kindly add me as a validator for Arabic language..
    However there will be couple more validators among the team sooner.. I'm in the discussion process with them.. will be back ASAP to add those users in this thread..

    All the best..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Added

  3. Can you please add me too? I work as an Editor at Global Voices Lingua Arabic and I've been a translator for quite a while.

    I really look forward to being a part of the team.

  4. Please add me as validator to Arabic language.
    Thank you

  5. can i help :)

  6. Could we have some feedback from the current validators, please? (@medaad)

  7. @vanillalounge ..
    sorry for the late response.. i was a bit busy working on the new default font testing.. (Yoav deployed it couple days ago)..
    However, vanillalounge, would you please add "anasqtiesh" and "billal09" as validators.. so the team would be ready to go.. :)
    @thaer7 sure mate you can help.. just head to
    and sing your song.. having fun..

  8. "anasqtiesh" and "billal09" were added as validators. Thanks.

  9. hello dear it's ok i can help with this nice project
    add m


  10. @timethief: spam and related responses were deleted. Thanks for the heads-up.

  11. @vanillalounge
    Thanks :)

  12. Er... Arabic is currently up to 466 strings awaiting validation... Is everything ok?

  13. No worries..
    WE working on it.. :)

  14. شكرا لك

  15. add me also.

  16. Please, tag me in

  17. Could we have some feedback from the current validators, please? (@medaad).

    Please read, too. ("...translation communities should only have a couple of validators so that we can keep track of who to talk to should the need arise...")

  18. @vanillalounge:
    The moderation of Arabic language really takes some time, I would like to be a moderator please!

  19. pleas add this font for me :$

  20. شكرا ل

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