Arabic wordpress features CRAP!

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    Well, I was browsing the Arabic version of WordPress and got surprised by the “Freshly Pressed” section! It features crappy stuff about Korean celebrities EVERYDAY, and some featured pots are of the same title!

    Isn’t that section supposed to feature the best of the blogs?? Who’s responsible for that mess!

    The blog I need help with is



    I have flagged this thread for a Staff response.

    Isn’t that section supposed to feature the best of the blogs?

    No. The selections are made by a single editor and everyone else’s posts (millions of them) are all competing for her attention.
    I assume how frequently theselections change is up to that editor.
    editor @ (without the spaces)
    Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed


    Thanks.. But it’s not that I want to get featured there, I just wanted to find good Arabic blogs and was surprised by the huge amount of nonsense there!



    I’m biting my tongue lest I really let it rip and tell you what I think of the low-quality and no-quality posts I see featured in English on the Freshly Pressed pages. :)


    Hmm, so I have to find another way to find good blogs.. Thanks for your cooperation! :)



    I don’t think what’s featured there are “good blogs” and “good” is subjective. I think what’s featured there are beginner blogs and the idea may be fto encourage beginner bloggers by sending them traffic that skews their stats by producing a tsunami of traffic that bounces in and out. No experienced blogger welcomes a high bounce rate. Only baby bloggers think that a flood of traffic that does not produce a significant number of subscribers and comments is cool because they don’t have the full picture of blogging yet; they only see snapshots.


    Okay, phew! I’m not a “baby blogger” then! ;) :D
    Thanks for your help! :)


    @theaccidentalblog91 – Unfortunately, we don’t yet have editors curating the content on the non-English Freshly Pressed pages, so what shows up there is based on stats. Figuring out how to improve the non-English Freshly Pressed pages is definitely on our radar, though, so if you have ideas, let us know!


    I see, will contact the staff if somehing pops up to solve this! Thanks for your response!


    You’re very welcome!

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