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Arbitrary Font Size/Style?

  1. Along with the inability to upload images into posts, published posts are occasionally changing the size and/or style of the post font. For example, scroll to the second post, "Changeling":

    Anyone else having/had this problem?

    Thank you.

  2. Did you paste from word?

  3. No, copy and pasted from online version on Firefox.

  4. Try highlighting your post and clicking the "Remove Formating" button (row 2 button 7). Sometimes when you paste from an external source you'll get all kinds of junk coding.

  5. Your copy and pasted includes the font information. This issue doesn't seem to relate to the upload problem -- that should now be fixed.

  6. And when you paste from an external source other than a simple text editor, or Live Writer, do it via the "Paste as plain text" button, to avoid introducing unwanted font etc. commands. You can do the same to correct your already published posts.

  7. Cool thanks for the tips I'll try em. Wonder why it was a problem that one time when every step was the same?...

  8. Can't find "Remove Formatting" button or "Paste as Plain Text" button. Any help. I'm using by the way not the software.

  9. Are you in visual mode? Not html mode?

  10. Yep in visual mode

    Vivian, thanks for the FAQ - I don't have that second line of icons, just the first.

  11. Click on the very last icon on the right...and that will give you the second line of icons.

  12. wayne - did you look at the description of the icons, in particular icon #15?

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