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  1. I have written a total of 12 posts. 10 are listed in the sidebar under "Recents Posts". I added an archives widget to the sidepar, so that it would be possible to access old posts. It correctly shows a count of (12) posts for June 2006, but when you click on it, it only shows the 10 latest.

  2. At the bottom of the page it has a link for 'Previous Entries'

    The number of posts displayed on all post pages is controlled in Options > Reading > Show at most:

    Setting that to a high value confers no benefit though.

  3. In fact there are some of those here who think a small number of posts on a page leads to higher page views. :)

  4. I agree that displaying a larger number of posts on the front page adds no benefit

    But the Archives widget doesn't work right. It doesn't, in fact, display the archive, but a subset of the archive. Oh well, I took it off again, let me know if you plan to fix it.

  5. *sigh* Can't help if we can't see what you're talking about or you don't tell us what specifcally is going wrong. I know the Archives widget worked fine on my test blog by listing the months where posts were made. That's the way it's suppose to work.

  6. Is it possible that what is really desired is the numbers of posts in each category and that this blogger thinks thats what the archives would show, when in fact the archives only show the months and not numbers of posts? By configuring the categories widget perhaps the aim desired could be acheived in a different way.

  7. OK, I put is back on. You will see "June 2006 (12)". If you then click on "June 2006", 10 posts are displayed, not 12.

  8. I believe 10 is the maximum "displayed" and the other posts will then be accessed by clicking "older posts" or "previous posts" depending on the theme.

  9. LCS, please see Podz's post explaining where the other posts are. If you go to the bottom of the June2006 page, you'll see the link labeled "previous entries" which will take you to the other two posts. The Archives widget is working correctly.

    Also Podz mentions how to set how many posts are available on one page at Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> Blog Pages -> Show at most. It defaults to ten and that used to be the limit. (Guess it's not, TT.) I just set my test blog to 15 Posts and 15 came up on each page.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Woah! new information more notes [she grabs another yellow sticky to paste on her wall scratching her head and wondering why the default has been changed].

  11. You are right, and I was wrong, I hadn't noticed the "previous entries" at the bottom of the page. Thanks for the prompt replies.

  12. Not a problem. Just glad to see that it's working for you. :)

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