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Archive for December missing

  1. I posted my first December 2006 entry but "December 2006" hasn't showed up on my "Archives" widget. What gives?

  2. WordPress has four different datacenters and this could be an issue related to mirroring from one center to another simply not being caught up yet. In fact this tends to happen on the first day of every new month.
    All of my blogs are still showing November only. I just ignored this last month and it was resolved in time. However, if you wish you can always send in a feedback to staff.

  3. I wonder if this is related to my issue with my pre-publishing not showing up on my blog when it's supposed to:

  4. hmmm ... I wonder. Did you send in a feedback yet? If you haven't and do maybe you could include links to both threads.

  5. Just checked now and my December archive isn't showing either. But I only have two posts though.

  6. I see it now on the original poster's blog. The sidebars are cached but shouldn't be that long of a time wait.

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