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Archive links if too many posts for main page

  1. Hi everyone,
    On I have got 7 posts. The homepage has a limit of displaying 6 posts.

    However, a link to the archive of all the posts hasn't appeared which means someone could only find it if they look in it's category (and it'll disappear from there when there are 6 more posts in it's category) or when they search for it...
    How do I make a link to all the posts automatically appear?


  2. Sorry - you're in the wrong forum. We use different software here. Head over to

  3. Oh ok, thanks Vivian.
    May I ask what's different about this forum (so I know when to/not to use it)?

    thanks again

  4. Addition: Oh is this forum for sites hosted ON rather than any blog using wordpress?

  5. The software used here on the free hosting site, is different in many ways from the software that is downloaded from and used on self-hosted blogs.

    This post explains the key differences:

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