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Archive listing in outline format

  1. Hi!

    Is it possible to have the archive postings appear in an outline format? e.g if someone clicks on the Archive postings from April with 2 postings- April (2), can they then see both post headings as a subset or sub category of the April posting, so that they can have the option of selecting either of the two postings from that April postings?

    I would appreciate some help.


    Scrumplicious Food!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is entirely theme-dependent, so you'll have to find a theme that does it the way you want.

  3. Okay. I guess I will have to look around different themes that work. Thanks for the information Raincoaster.

  4. This article will be helpful > Category/archive pages: full posts or not

  5. I'm back. I figured that I should just change my settings-> readings->blog pages to show at most 3, and the problem will be solved.

    Thanks again.

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