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Archive only showing three months

  1. I have a blog that uses the archive widget, but unfortunately it only shows links for 3 months (January 2006-March 2006) even though I have postings through October 2006. Any idea what's wrong?

  2. Dang that is strange. Best bet would be to send in a feedback to staff and ask to have it checked out. I always suggest that you also include a link tho this thread so that they can see we have discussed it.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Glad someone else posted about this - I'm experiencing the same thing. I have four months worth of posts (July - current), but August isn't displaying in my sidebar archives list.

    I'll also send something to the staff.

  4. Fixed :)

  5. same in my blog - i imported old posts from 2004 but the archiv list in the sidebar shows only September 2005 till now!

    can someone help?

  6. I have this problem too, last month not showing.
    Btw i cannot find the technorati tags button anymore, am i completely stupid or did something changed ?

  7. Works after sending a feedback, and the second one was my stupidity, i tagged with flocks internal editor.

  8. Boom, see the previous posts and follow the instructions given.

  9. I am having the same problem. I imported my posts from my blogger account to wordpress succesfully, but there are no months added in the "archives" area, even though I have posts from 2003 throughout 2006. I only see September and October 2006 (My wordpress blog).

    URL :

    Please take a look if possible

    Nikos, Greece

    PS: This trouble seems to persist only when I have Ambiru theme actvated...

  10. No volunteer on the forum can help you with this so it would be best if you send in a feedback to staff with a link back to this thread.

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