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    Hello i would like to ask if i can have a page, named archive for example, and in there will be all of my photographs in thumbs?
    But i do not want to do it manually. I want every time i add an image to a post the same image (or post) should appear as a thumb in the archive page.

    The blog I need help with is



    I would suggest you make a Page then name that page to whatever you like..
    then upload images and choose “insert gallery”

    note: when you upload images there is a little setting where you can set up your gallery
    if you wanna make it a thumb then i suggest you make your gallery per line “3-4”



    And how this page will be updated?


    It has to be updated manually, and the images have to be uploaded from that page in the editor.

    There is no way at to do that automatically anytime you upload an image to a post.

    In fact, I don’t think it is even possible with a self-hosted wordpress site. I’ve never seen any gallery plugins that do that, and I’ve used the top 5 or so on client sites.

    You might have to pay someone to create a plugin for you that will do that (if its possible).


    I shouldn’t have been so quick on the submit button. The last bit about the plugin would require that you self-host your wordpress site at a web host such as dreamhost, bluehost, etc., and use the software from wordpress.ORG.



    yea =) … unlike other website hoster I think wordpress is much more simpler because
    iv been through another site hoster where in you can upload images and the image will just add into your gallery …unlike wordpress whenever you upload an image…like what thesacredpath mentioned you have to update it manually even the slideshow because whenever you add up an image.. It will add up to your slideshow too and if you dont want it to appear in your slide show you have to delete it manually..



    I see. Thank you guys, this is something i have seen in tumblr blogs and i was hoping wordpress could do that.
    Anyway thanks for your time.

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