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    I can add a link to my post by going into the CODE panel, selecting some text, and clicking LINK button. This seems to work fine when post is live on my blog. However, if I look at my archives — say, by viewing a particular category of postings — my links are lost.
    Why should this be? I asked support and was initially told that this is just how it is. However, I’ve found several WordPress blogs that have working links in their archives. One example is this: has an archive for May. In it there are working links to outside URLs — e.g. in “Joey Barton to add steel to a flamboyant midfield?” there is a link to



    All the links on my archives function perfectly. Can you give us a link to your archives where you’re noticing the error?



    Some themes – Sapphire is one – shows the first few lines of a post when an archive / cat view is used. The links in those do not work. You need to look at the whole post.



    Bringing back a previous discussion from a couple of days ago, seems like most WordPress themes are like that.

    And in wordpress, I mean wordpress, not just teh ones here at

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