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  1. I'd like to archive all the posts and pages associated with our blog and then use the space to start blogging again. I've tried various incarnations of wget and flags and it doesn't seem to be able to reproduce the blog perfectly (with images and all blog posts). An important consideration is archiving the static pages as well.

    Ideally if I can freeze the current website and link to its frozen state that would be amazing. But if I can only freeze and download it that would be alright as well.

    Is there a way to download your entire Blog as it stands, and/or create a frozen version of it and link to those pages from the current blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Doing some more google searching, something like this: would be perfect, just running on blogs.

  3. Your link is for a WordPress.ORG install solution and not available here.

    Your Posts will just naturally move down as you make more Posts.

    You could make a custom menu to get rid of the old Pages - then put all your old Pages under a new Page called say "Wedding Archive" or "Page Archive" and then have just that one Page from the past in the new menu - the old Pages could all have the new Archive Page as their Parent.

  4. Thanks, yeah I realized that that plugin would only work on a .org installation, I was just hoping that there was a feature like it for blogs.

    I think I'll go with your suggestion of just moving pages around and adding posts. I did an export before any moving so I can re-import the entire website as it stands (althought the export doesn't include any media which is a shame...).

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