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Archive problem

  1. Hello, I just imported 800 or so posts from Blogger for the last year. My archive, however, is only showing November, 2005. How can I get the other months to show up in the Archive?


  2. I don't see any other posts earlier than that. In fact I see Nov 1st as the date on your first post.

    Do note that blogger doesn't allow hotlinking of images on their servers. You're going to have to move them over and relink them.

  3. We are planning on moving all the blogger images over this weekend.

    Our first post was November, 2005. We have posts going November 1 2005 through November 16, 2006, so there should be 12 months worth of archives there.

  4. I understand now. Just saw the 'Nov' in there and went with it. Sometimes drmike needs to drink more coffee. :)

    Looks like the sidebar got caught up though. The sidebars are cached but should have been caught up within teh three hours between your post and mine. Looks like the issue is now resolved though.

  5. Hi, same problem here. Imported from Blogger (over a year's content) and all the archive links are busted.

    What do you mean by, "thye sidebar got caught up"??? It has been over 16 hours, and I still have broken archive links. What, if anything, do I need to do to fix?

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