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Archive reading order

  1. Right now the monthly archives in my blog read in reverse chronological order. Is there a way to change that to chronological order so my reders can see my posts in the order that I published them?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you set the timezone for your blog to match the timezone you live in? If you haven't done so you can do that now here > Settings > General and then the problem will be rectified.

  3. Yes, the monthly archives read in reverse chronological order, and there's no way to change that directly. (And the monthly archives don't display your posts anyway: they display a list of months only; clicking on a month brings up a dynamic page with the posts published that month - again in reverse chronological order.)

    If you want monthly archives displayed in chronological order in the sidebar, the only way to do it is create a custom list in a text widget. If you want a list of your posts in chronological order, you can do it in a static page. The drawback in both cases is that you'll have to update the list manually.

  4. timethief - I updated my time zone but my posts are still in reverse chronological order

    panaghiotisadam - thanks for the info. Maybe I'll try the custom list in the text widget

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