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    Hi all,

    I recently put up a blog using the Manifest theme, and if you go to my archives page, the rules underneath the MONTHS and TAGS are not as they should be. It’s obvious once you see it. Any thoughts?


    The blog I need help with is


    (I imagine this might be because I changed the width of the column to 550px wide… but I’m still not sure what to change to fix this!)


    That actually looks like a theme bug to me. I’m testing it now.


    The bottom-border for .hentry is overlapping with content in the Archives page template in Manifest when it shouldn’t. I’ve reported that issue to our developers for review. I also made a suggestion to have the column widths percentage based so you don’t have to use the CSS editor to fix them if you update the width. They will need to decide if that’s a change that can be made or not—changes to themes like that should only be made if it can be done without affecting other users who may already be relying on the current behavior.

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